Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Very First Review - GlassesUSA

I have been given the priviledge  of my first product review by GlassesUSA.com !  I was soooo excited to try their product.... and I could really use some eyeglasses.... so I accepted immediately. Unfortunately I don't have a prescription  so I let Adrian pick out some glasses for himself and since he got the glasses it is only fitting that he also tell you his experience with the company and the product.   As for myself it has been such a pleasure working with the staff at GlassesUSA.com.... I'll be soooo glad to get my own prescription so that I  can order some eyeglasses for myself.  The quality, price and selection just can't be beat.... ordering is easy.... and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable should you need assistance.

But now here is what Adrian has to say about his own experience with GlassesUSA.com:
"I'm nearsighted. Prescription glasses have been part of my daily life since I
was in fourth grade. At age 17 I finally realized my vision had
deteriorated to the point that I needed corrective lenses 100% of the
time. Since then I have purchased eyeglasses through my optometrist, at
major mall outlets and at local eyeglass retailers with widely varying
degrees of quality, performance and retail price.
I was an early adopter of the internet. I wholeheartedly embraced
internet commerce in the mid nineties. I've purchased music, books,
electronics and clothing online-all with excellent results. In spite of
my embrace of internet commerce I have been hesitant to utilize the
internet for eyeglasses. This has been due to a desire to see how the
frames looked on my face and to evaluate the quality of the finished
product before I make a purchase decision. Time and again I visited
online glasses retailers enchanted by the low prices but I still
continued to purchase glasses through my usual outlets. That was before
the recession. I'm one of the lucky ones because I am still working full
time; albeit for a much lower salary.
Recently, I broke my newest pair of stylish prescription eyeglasses that I purchased
from a major mall retailer. I couldn't afford to replace them as the
warranty had expired. I ended up wearing a much more durable (and
cheaper) pair I purchased from a big box store optical department 12
years ago. At this point my wife told me to check out Glasses USA.com. I
figured I had nothing to lose so I typed the URL into my browser.
Immediately I was surprised to find a significant selection of stylish
eyeglass frames. Typically discount online eyeglass retailers have a
limited selection of generic looking frames that practically scream,
"CHEAP!"  The contemporary and stylish selection at Glasses USA.com was a
refreshing change. There was a considerable selection of well known
designer styles available at bargain prices as well.
The biggest objection for me has been that I want to see what the
eyeglasses look like on my face. GlassesUSA.com overcame this objection by
creating a way to do this virtually. Through the "Virtual Mirror"
feature I was able to upload a head shot from my webcam (you can also
use a digital picture) and methodically try each frame shape on to
ascertain the best shape and color for my face. I tried several styles
and settled on the contemporary semi-rimless style "Playground Black"
which sells for a base price of $39 with standard single vision lenses.
GlassesUSA.com gives you multiple lens and lens coating options at a very
competitive pricing. I found the thin lenses for an extra $49 and all
three coatings (scratch, UV and reflective) for an additional $17.85 to be an excellent value.
There were also options for Transitions lenses and a polarized
sunglasses lens option and a color tinted lens option. I
gathered my prescription information from my most recent eye exam and
sent in my order.
A few days later my new glasses arrived.  I unpacked them and gave them
a thorough examination. I determined the glasses felt substantial and
are clearly very good quality. The prescription was accurate and the
finished glasses fit my face perfectly and look sharp. GlassesUSA.com also
provided a high quality padded hard case and lens cloth with my order.
This unexpected extra completed an excellent experience. I highly
recommend GlassesUSA.com. The experience from beginning to end was smooth
and easy. I particularly liked the easy to navigate website, Virtual
Mirror feature and most of all the value. Thanks GlassesUSA.com!"
Now that you are ready to head on over to GlassesUSA.com and order yourself a new pair of eyeglasses I can offer you one of my favorite things.... a discount!.... use this code when placing your order to get 10% OFF!!!
The code is: Blog10 and it’s good for 10% off your final order! The code never expires either.

Be sure to visit the GlassesUSA Facebook Fan Page at  http://www.facebook.com/GlassesUSA.

A Lil Enchanted,

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hello Hello!!!!

How is everyone doing here in Bloggyland???

I'm so sorry that I haven't posted any updates lately.... I think I just got major burnout and felt pressured from all of those EC drops and Adgitize clicks and then there was the whole New Orleans fiasco and moving etc.... not to mention my addiction to games over on Facebook.

Well I'm happy to report that we moved into a new home on July 3rd and have settled in pretty well.  I have to thank our friends and family once again who stepped up to help us load and unload the truck.... what a job that was!!! I still have some unpacking to do but it will get done eventually...... mainly all of those books and candles and craft supplies that it took me forever to pack.    Adrian got back to working full time just in time for us to make the move.  There are of course things we miss about our old place.... but new things that we love about our new place as well.  It's just a tad smaller which is good because it's not too big and we still have plenty of space without feeling cramped up.  It has 3 nice sized decks that we now need outside furniture for.....  and a huge yard full of trees with ivy growing up them.... absolutely enchanting!  Adrian is only about 5 minutes from work and we're also closer to most of the places that we shop.   I do miss being close to the other places I loved to frequent..... and I miss my fireplace.....  and I really miss having my son and his little family just down the street.   But it's not like they're too far away to visit whenever we want... just not walking distance anymore.

So here are a few pics of our new home.... it's pretty.... quiet and peaceful here.... even though we're in the city limits it feels like we're in the country.

Steffie has just turned 5 on the 1st of this month and is doing well.   She had a lil bit of an adjustment period with the move but she is getting back to normal and accepting the changes.  I will post pics of her birthday soon.  I'm seriously contemplating painting her new room the colors of her old room.... it was soooo cute.... but do I really want to invest the time of painting on a rental home that we have no idea how long we will live in??? Maybe we'll be here for several years... maybe not... we can't really know at this point.  She now has 2 rooms by the way... her bedroom and a play room across the hall..... how's that for being a lucky lil girl???

This is what her old room looked like..... the white walls of her new room are just plain and boring..... 

That's it for now.... Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

A Lil Enchanted,

Monday, May 31, 2010

Music Monday - Don't Misunderstand Me - Rossington Collins Band

Rossington Collins Band is a lil treasure that not a lot of people are familiar with.  I first heard this band waaay back when.... I was about 15 years old.... it was my first concert and one of the best I've ever attended.

If you are not familiar with their story.... Rossington Collins was formed in 1979 by Gary Rossington and Allen Collins after a plane crash killed the lead singer of their band Lynyrd Skynyrd.... sound more familiar now???   They added Gary's wife Dale Krantz to become their lead singer and let me tell you this lady can belt out a song!  This whole album is just awesome... one of my all time favorites!

They didn't last for very long as a group because Lynyrd Skynyrd was eventually revived with Ronnie Van Zant's younger brother taking over as their lead singer... but Dale Krantz stayed on the road even then as their background vocalist.

This is a more recent performance from her... but I'm not sure of the date or even the place... just wanted to share an old favorite.  Here is Don't Misunderstand Me by Dale Krantz.... you can find it on the Rossington Collins CD  Anytime, Any Place, Any Where

Lyrics | Rossington Collins Band lyrics - Don't Misunderstand Me lyrics

I wish I could find a live performance of my favorite Rossington Collins song... but this is all I could find of it... I couldn't even get the video to embed.... so just click the link and ignore the spinning vinyl... and listen to this awesome song.... I did find the lyrics.... so I've included them.....

One Good Man...

I hope you enjoyed this Music Monday! For a lil more info on the band you can visit this web site... it's not official... but I couldn't find an official band site.... Rossington Band

Lyrics | Rossington Collins Band lyrics - One Good Man lyrics

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's been over a week.... and I guess you noticed that the other blog is gone....... here's what happened....

Adrian took the bus to New Orleans on Thursday night... he arrived early the next morning.... tried to sleep and couldn't... called me later to say that he was getting back on the bus and coming back home... and that is what he did.... he got back home on Saturday morning..... and he deleted the other blog without even telling me he was going to do it.   So he's been aggressively searching for a job in the last week and has had 2 interviews... but so far no job.  He can't get unemployment because he worked that week and a half in New Orleans and then quit.   So we have absolutely no income... and no savings to fall back on.... each day that goes by sinks us deeper and deeper into financial disaster.

We have about a month left in this house before we have to be out... but we can't even look for a place to go until he gets a job.   Sometime in the first few days of may... which is approaching fast... our electricity will be cut off because we won't have the $300 to pay the bill.  We are also running out of money to pay our Chapter 13 payments and unless they are made our only vehicle will be taken away and without it he will have no way to look for work or get to work once he gets a job... so... as you can see we desparately need for him to get a job and fast.  It will of course take 2 -3 weeks to get a paycheck once he gets a job... so things are not good...

Tomorrow I am applying for food stamps but I'm not sure we can even get them since he quite his job in New Orleans to come back home.... so we may be on the street soon without even our van to sleep in... and no food either.... we'll see.... I'm also going to start applying for jobs myself... one of us has to bring in some money somehow!

I'm still hoping that something great will happen soon... ei he gets a great job!  Something really just has to happen.... right????  I try sooo hard to get through each day without thinking about it as much as possible or I just get worried and stressed and cry and can't sleep... the less I think about it the easier it is to deal with....

Yesterday we celebrated my Grandson's 3rd birthday.... we had fun at his party and it was good to spend time with all 3 of my Grandbabies.  But last night Adrian and Steffie were making popcorn... you know how she loves to help cook!.... he had just turned off the burner on the stove and she was trying to get out of the chair she was standing in in front of the counter beside the stove.... she started to slip and reached out to brace herself and her hand landed on the stove burner instead of the counter... she has 2nd degree burns on all of her finger tips and the top of her palm on her right hand.  We rushed her to the ER and they gave her cream and meds for the pain and infection... she will be fine... it will just take time to heal... and my heart breaks that she had to feel that much pain.   She slept soundly last night and woke up with just a lil pain this morning... but is feeling great now after getting her meds again and she doesn't seem to traumatized by it... she's playing and happy as usual :)

Of course the financial side to that is... that her medicaid was messed up... again.. and we had to pay $70 out of our slowly dwindling pocket for her meds.... but she had to have it.... so that's what we did.  If they can get it straightened out within 7 days I can get the money back... which we really need right now... so let's keep hoping on that one too.  And even more so let's hope for her lil hand to heal up quickly and with no scars or damage to the sensation in her fingers!!! 


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tears and Boxes....

So a few more days have come and gone... and so has Adrian... he's on a bus going back to New Orleans... I have no idea when we will see him again.  I have cried so many tears you would think there would be no more to cry... they just still seem to keep coming.

Steffie and I will be here alone.... packing up the rest of our belongings... not knowing where we will even put them.  By the end of the month we will need to be out of here because things didn't go quite the way we had planned.... not sure where we will go... but at least we now have the van... if I can't get some help from DFCS to find a place for us at least we can sleep in the van on an air mattress.... and at least we'll have nice weather for it...

I feel so alone... and I feel so hurt... I'm not sure if I'll ever feel secure again.... in such a short time going from a home and a regular income to no home and not knowing where we will live... how we will live... I never wanted this kind of life for my child... but then what mother does... it's certainly different from the cute lil house and happy home I had pictured raising her in....

Steffie cried all the way home from the bus station.... she said she doesn't know if she'll ever see her Daddy again.... my heart was broken... she loves him sooo much.... he is her favorite person in the whole world.... now our world is shattered... and we have to find a way to pick up the pieces and build a new one somehow.

I'm just so sad and alone.... no shoulder to cry on... no one to give me comfort... just a lot of tears... and a lot of boxes...


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Airing It Out....

It's been a pretty uneventful week and and a half.... Adrian has been working in New Orleans and Steffie and I have been here at home.... packing... and just being...

We have no vehicle because Adrian drove our only one to New Orleans...  so we've just been here at home with the exception of the one day my Mom took us to pick up a few items that we needed.  I would have loved to hit our favorite thrift store today... first Saturday of the month is half price day!.... and Steffie could really use some summer clothes... most of what I had saved over from last year is just too small... but maybe I can pay them a visit this week.

I've run through I think every emotion I can possibly feel about our situation and our pending move.... from anger... hurt... sadness... frustration... and at this point I'm just trying not to care one way or the other... just get through each day doing what needs to be done and trying not to think too much beyond the day at hand.  Thinking just makes things worse... so why do it... right???

Adrian will be home either tomorrow evening or Monday... not sure when he's going to start the drive back yet... and then we have a few days to figure out what to do from here.... until then I'm going to take Steffie to hunt eggs at my sister's house tomorrow with her kids... and just pretend that my whole world is hunky doory for one more day.... after that we'll see...

Thank you all for your well wishes and understanding comments... they sure do help :)

I'm so glad that spring is finally here :).... I'm loving having my windows open and feeling the nice breeze blowing in.... letting the house air out from the winter staleness... now if I could find a place to live where the temp is in the high 60's to low 70's about 80% of the time.... that would be the place I would want to live! That's my kind of weather !

A Lil Enchanted,


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Packing My Life Into Boxes...

My husband has gone to New Orleans to start his new job... and Steffie and I are still here in Georgia.... my task is a huge one.... to pack up our lives with no certainty of when or where we will go... all I do know is that we will move somewhere in the next 2 - 3 months. It may be a new home here in this area... it may be a new home in New Orleans.... it may be a storage building for our belongings and a van to sleep in for us....

So right about now things are not so great... I'm sad and alone... angry and confused... and I could really use a support system of friends and family... neither of which is available to me.... but I will survive.... I will get through this just like I have gotten through tough situations before.....

And after all... I have a huge amount of packing to finish to keep my mind busy.... 10 years in one place means a lot of accumulated stuff to sort through and pack or get rid of.... and I've only just begun... my bathroom and bedroom are done.... 6 rooms to go.....

A Lil Enchanted,

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Update...

Well it's kinda hard to post on this blog without talking at least somewhat about our move to New Orleans because right now that is the main focus of my life... as much as I wish it weren't. I have managed to get a bit of sleep.... though I'm still having issues with it... and we've had some insane events in the last few days... to catch up on all of that you can visit Moving To New Orleans....

Oh and that humongo electric bill... well yeah of course it was no mistake... we somehow managed to use twice as much power as last month... and three times what we used this time last year ... even though we keep everything unplugged when we're not using it and I even flip off the breakers to my major appliances when I'm not using them... the only explanation I can come up with is that my son's friend has been charging his car battery when he's here several times a week instead of repairing his alternator.... can that really use $300 worth of electricity in one month??? That was the only thing we've done differently. Needless to say he's not doing it anymore!!! I could have fixed his freakin car for him cheaper than that!!! Also needless to say he won't be offering up any money towards helping with that bill :(

In spite of our bad news this morning concerning Adrian's job... we decided to enjoy a beautiful day of sunshine... so we took Steffie to the playground and we had a picnic. Then we enjoyed a nice conversation with a new friend that we met there... turned out she lives just around the block from us and is a homeschooler too. Great... I meet her just in time to move away... right... oh well... we can keep in touch through Facebook. I didn't take any pics... but Steffie was sooo happy to be playing outside... and with other kids. She's a very outdoorsy kinda lil girl... and I think she may have met a friend that is even more bossy than she is...lol

Please forgive me if I don't get to visit your blog daily... I've got tons of packing to get done along with the usual daily household necessities... but hopefully after we get moved and everything settles I can get back to my regular visits. In the meantime I'll visit as much as possible... and try to keep posting here... and updating on our move on the other blog as well.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.... 2 more days until SPRING!!!!! YAY!!!

A Lil Enchanted,

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Goddess Please Let Me Sleep....

so I won't be a bitch. I finally managed to fall asleep at 7:00 a.m..... I've had sleep issues since I was a lil girl... I can remember laying in bed at night crying because I couldn't go to sleep long after the other kids had... and I wasn't allowed to get up either... so I just laid there and cried... until sleep would finally wrap itself around me.

I still struggle with falling asleep... you see my brain will just not shut up and leave me alone.... I'm haunted by my own thoughts of things I need to do.... should have done... should have done differently... and things that happened that day or will happen in the days to come. It seems to come in spurts... sometimes it's much harder than other times... it seems to be brought on by stress and worry about what's going on in my life... and sometimes by some sub-conscious knowing that something just isn't right. I'll have trouble getting to sleep for days for apparently no reason... and then days later something will happen that I didn't expect.... and I know that it was the reason for my problem.

I've learned ways to deal with it over the years.... like reading a book until I fall asleep so my own thoughts can't torment me... but when you have other people in your bed it's kind of hard to do that and be comfortable and not disturb anyone. So I can also watch TV until I fall asleep.... and lately that is what I do... I lay on the couch and watch TV until I fall asleep. Trouble is I have to get to the point in sleep where I can eventually wake up and go get in bed without getting too awake to go back to sleep once I get there... or the process has to start all over again...

That's what happened last night... I fell asleep tried to go get in bed... but once I got there I was wide awake again. I've been in this really difficult state of trying to get to sleep for several months now... my sleep schedule is soooo messed up.... I'm up until 4-5:00 am.... and then and then when Steffie wakes up around 8:00am I'm still wanting more sleep... so I lay in bed and doze in and out for a few more hours while she plays and watches her shows in the next room. I'm really sick of this.... and it's soooo not good for her. I'm so thankful when Adrian is home in the mornings to be with her while I sleep.... but he's not always here in the mornings.... and Steffie is asking why Mommy sleeps until lunch time.

Last night was a really tough one... on top of being really stressed by this whole 'moving to New Orleans' thing.... I made huge mistake last night... I opened our electric bill and saw that our usage for last month was triple what it was for our March bill last year... and double what it was for last month! How on earth can that be??? We've had heating issues... but it shouldn't have made the bill that high... we've had the same issues on and off for years and it never made our bill increase that much.... and of course it's the weekend so I can't even call about it until Monday.... and when I do call I'm sure they will say it was no mistake. But I just don't see how it increased so much. I keep my breakers off for everything we're not using.... stove, washer, dryer, dishwasher etc.... I only flip the breakers on when I'm using them and right back off when I'm done.... and we keep everything unplugged that we're not using as well. I really should not have opened that bill until this morning. So now I'm totally stressed... and looking at another night of major sleep issues. I didn't even sleep in this morning... when Steffie woke me up I couldn't go back to sleep.... does that mean I'll fall asleep easier tonight.... nope... I know from experience that it will not.... I'll just be miserably sleepy and unable to fall asleep... again...

I need a vacation... I need to get rid of some stress and worry... but that just not likely to happen...

I hope everyone has a much better weekend than I'm having...

A Lil Enchanted,

Friday, March 12, 2010

What's Going On....

So I've taken a bit longer of a break than I had planned. I've just been going through some emotional issues and blogging makes you have to think about things that sometimes you would rather not. So I took a break... and I guess you want to know where I've been... what I've been up to... and what the heck is going on here... or maybe not.. but if you do... here's the scoop....

I've been farming over on Farmville.... cooking over on Cafe World... tending a pet over on Petville... and I even have have a couple of islands of my very own as well.... really exciting stuff... right???.... lol... ok... maybe not... I got lost on Facebook playing these games because it's just easier than dealing with my thoughts and emotions... and it's fun too...

As far as other goings on... we made it through the holidays... I have a new Grandson... Sarah is now in a band and doing well.... Jordan is still living here with us... and lil Steffie is growing like a weed and way too smart for my own good.

And the big news is.... that we are probably moving to New Orleans... whether I want to or not is beside the point... looks like it will happen... and soon. Adrian went down last week for some interviews and he has already gotten a job offer that he needs to either decline or accept by Monday.... after that they want him to start in 2-3 weeks. He will most likely accept the job.... which means that things will happen pretty fast... and will also leave me with tons of packing and all else that goes with a huge move. We have started a new blog together to document our move and our feelings about it etc which you can find here:

So I'll be busy... but I'm hoping to get back to a regular blogging schedule... it's about time... and I've missed all of my bloggy friends that I haven't been hanging with over on Facebook :)

A Lil Enchanted,