Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Winter Wonderland???

You know how every area seems to have one house that is decorated for the holidays with so many lights and displays that everyone knows about it and makes a point to go there every year to see it? Well there is such a house here in our area... we call it Winter Wonderland... I know... not very original... but it's what everyone calls it... because it is. These people are so nice and friendly... they decorate inside and out... and even invite their visitors inside... it's just an amazingly beautiful holiday display hosted by an amazingly sweet family. They use so much electricity in the month of December that the electric company has to install a second meter to their house for that month.... donations are always welcomed to help pay for the bill but never requested... you donate if you can and want to... or don't if you can't... there is no pressure... no expectations. The parade of cars driving by begins the night after Thanksgiving and seldom is there a night that the lights are not turned on. We get out of the car and walk through the beautiful scenery displayed in their yard... lights and animated characters of all kinds.... go inside for a look around when they are accepting visitors... and profusely thank them for their hospitality as we admiringly ooh and ahh at the beauty of it all. It has become a tradition to visit this house.

Tonight we were very excited... we had decided to go for a visit at Winter Wonderland... we drove around the area to look at other Christmas lights... none of which can ever compare... not around here... anyways... and finally we arrived at our destination. As we came over the lil hill and around the curve... where we can normally see the grand display... there were no lights. "Oh well"... I thought..." we can come back another night"... but as we got to the front of the house there was nothing in the yard... nothing but a sign. My heart sank as we read the sign stating that they were taking the year off.... they will be back at it next year... but I was so sad... it felt like Santa was taking the year off.

I hope all is well with this very sweet and generous family... we will miss our visit with them this year and the beauty they bring so many people every year with their generous gift. I am so glad that they plan to be back at it next year... it's just not the same without this amazing place to visit.

Wishing a very Merry Christmas to this special family... may you have a wonderful year... and I can't wait to see you next year!

A Lil Enchanted,
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Stacie said...

Aww that is disappointing. At least you have something to look forward to next year. Talking about lights make me think of Candy Cane Lane back home it's houses upon houses decorated and they have a santa outside the people do this to raise money for the MACC fund I think it's called. I miss seing all the lights.

StaceyC4 said...

Wow, that is disappointing. I usually LOVE to drive around and look at the lights too.

The Soccer Moms' Guide to Wicca said...

Either they're having family problems, or the economy has gotten to them. Either way, I hope that next year they'll still be there, and in a better place to bring the joy to what sounds like a *lot* of people in your area.

Perhaps you can make a room in your house outrageously decorated this year, so that you have a little of their holiday cheer in your home. You could also take a moment to send some love their way, it sounds like they need it this year.


gayle said...

That's sad..makes you wonder what could be wrong.

Ace said...

The Morphis family of Ringgold, GA has given selflessly of themselves for many years to nurture the Christmas spirit with their absolutely outrageous lights and animated figures. These folks deserve a year off to put family first. Still...Their absence is felt. I miss the feeling I got from viewing their incredible display and realizing the tremendous investment of time and money that went into creating it.