Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's all in a days work...

Dragging a kicking screaming 3 year old from the library is always a joy. Steffie loves our weekly trip to the library where she gets to pick her very own videos and books to borrow for the week.... but this trip turned into a melt down. All was good until she decided to go find Daddy and he was no where to be seen.... she ran screaming and crying through the very quiet building looking for him. I had to get her out of there so I dropped our backpack by the bookshelf... scooped her up and headed outside.... of course her screams grew even louder. At the van I explained to her that our library visit was now over.... didn't she behave the way she is supposed to behave in the library. Before each visit we discuss how to behave.... no running... no climbing on the furniture (yes she has done this).... and be very very quiet and use your library voice. She usually behaves quite well.... picks out her books and videos... chats nicely with other children and the ladies who work there ... makes a trip to the potty (she has a thing about public restrooms.... and not the usual thing people have about them.... she loves them.... and insists she has to go potty everywhere we go) .... but not today... today was a library disaster. Daddy finally came out with his own books and our library bag with the 6 videos and 2 books she had chosen... he had heard the whole thing.... of course!.... who hadn't?!! After another meltdown because Daddy wouldn't take her back in to pick more books all was well and she now understands that if she misbehaves we will leave.

Now the house is quiet.... Steffie is bed.... and it's time to get some work done.

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