Thursday, April 23, 2009

Get Paid To Read E-Mails???

You betcha!..... Okay I know everyone has heard of getting paid to read e-mails.... and thought "yea right"...... well you really can. It's only a few cents per e-mail... but it only takes a few minutes a day and over time those few cents add up. I started doing this in September and so far I've earned about $70. I plan to keep all of mine in the accounts until December and use it for Christmas shopping!

If you want to give it a try here are 3 legitimate companies that I've found:

Inbox Dollars

Send Earnings

Snap Dollars

If you know of any others please do share! It's a quick and easy way to earn a few extra dollars and who can't use that?!

If you decide to sign up for any of the other offers to earn money on these sites make sure you keep records of what you purchased or signed up for so you can be sure to get paid though. I had an issue when I made a purchase and was supposed to get $5 credited to my account and after a few weeks it still wasn't showing up. I was able to send them copies of my e-mails showing that I made the purchase and which offer it was and they did finally credit my account. So save all of that until it shows your credits just in case you need it.

Most of my earnings have been just reading the e-mails!

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