Sunday, April 26, 2009

Princess Furniture.... and Memories of a Lil Girl...

Well we *finally* got Steffie's new furniture moved! My niece got new bedroom furniture for Christmas so she would have a more mature room.... she is now in middle school and the pretty white lil girl furniture was just too juvenile for her. So my sister offered it to Steffie who just got her very own bedroom last spring.

This furniture is white french provincial that once belonged to my beloved aunt. I remember I thought it was soooo beautiful! I was about 7... and she was 8 (at least I think that's what our ages were). I had never known anyone that had such beautiful furniture.... all white with gold trim.... and that beautiful canopy bed!.... Just like a princess....

We spent many nights giggling in that bed... playing lil girl games.... whispering about monsters in the closet and walls.... all the things lil girls do when they spend the night together.... and we spent many. We were more like sisters than aunt and niece. She was a year older than me and I idolized her.

After she died at age 12 from a brain tumor the furniture was passed on to my younger sister who had been adopted by my Grandparents. Later.... after we grew up.... the house was sold and the furniture left there. My sister became pregnant with my niece and somehow was able to get the furniture back and have it refinished for Abbey's room. The gold trim is now pink, purple, green and blue... but it's a perfect match for Steffie's room which has all of those colors in her Dora The Explorer accessories. The beautiful canopy bed was not recovered.... but that's okay too. Steffie can continue to use her pink and purple Little Tykes Cottage bed that I painted for her a lil longer.... and later we can find her a white bed.

Steffie was soooo excited when I told her we were going to Aunt Jackie's to get her new Princess Furniture... and to see Aunt Jackie.... whom she loves very much. She had so much fun jumping on the trampoline and sticking her feet.... and then her head into the newly uncovered and very cold swimming pool. She swore it was not cold but I remember when I was a lil girl we would all get so excited when the cover came off the pool... usually on Easter Sunday.... the water was like a huge bowl of ice water but we didn't care!.... on went the swim suits and into that icy cold water we jumped. Our lips turned purple and we shivered out the words "no... it's not cold..." and kept right on swimming.

Steffie got her furniture and quite a few other goodies as well. She came home with a Barbie Dreamhouse.... Barbie airplane... a fiber optic butterfly lamp.... a lava lamp (which we used to call a "blob lamp").... a few squishy pillows... several pom poms.... and a rocking chair. Jackie had bought Abbey tons of Barbie stuff when she was younger... hoping that Abbey would love Barbies as much as we did... but like my own older daughter she never developed that love for Barbie that we had as lil girls. We spent hours playing with our Barbies and their houses and planes... campers and swimming pools.... tons of furniture and clothes.... we had our own lil Barbie town that stretched through several rooms of the house. Amazingly Gramma would allow us to leave it all set up for a few days at a time... I guess because we spent so many hours actually playing with it..... *and* it kept us out of her hair!

Steffie's room with it's Barbie Pink walls and purple trim... looks really pretty with her new Princess Furniture. I hope someday she will understand and appreciate the history behind it. And someday it will get passed down to another lil girl in our family.... and maybe she'll even love Barbie!

~A Lil Enchanted~
when she first got the furniture.... I thought is was

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