Sunday, October 4, 2009

Music Monday - Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac

Silver Springs was a song that was supposed to be included on the Rumours album in 1977... but of course back then not as many songs would fit on vinyl as you can fit now onto a CD... so Fleetwood Mac had to eliminate some of the songs that they wanted to include..... Silver Springs was one of those songs. Stevie was very upset by this decision... but she went along with it and Silver Springs became the B-side to the singles Go Your Own Way and The Chain. It was revived however in 1997 when Fleetwood Mac did The Dance Tour... and became a much loved hit. So after 20 years Silver Springs finally became what it should have been.

This a beautiful and haunting song.... Stevie pours her heart and soul into this song.... as she belts out "Time casts a spell on you... that you won't forget me.... I'll follow you down till the sound of my voice will haunt you.... you'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you".... you know she means it! This song was written to Lindsey (Buckingham... the guitar player... in case you don't know the history of this band and these two.... and the Rumours album for that matter) ... and as you can see in 2009 Lindsey Buckingham has still not gotten away from the sound of her voice.... that was a spell that took!

So a beautiful love song... and also a haunting and powerful spell cast by a broken hearted enchanting Witch surely fits this season....

Lyrics | Fleetwood Mac lyrics - Silver Spring lyrics

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A Lil Enchanted,


Wendy Hawksley said...

Stevie Nicks always fits the Witchy season, and EVERY DAY! I haven't heard this one in a while, so it was nice to listen. Thanks for posting it!

PJ said...

as much as i love, love stevie's music, i don't know much about her life. so i thank you my friend for schooling me on her life. this song is one of my favorites! great choice. have a wonderful day...hugz!

KAT said...

I loved your description as the lead in to the video. I have never seen this video before, and I love it!!!

Was Lindsey crying at the end??

Great choice!!! Happy Music Monday!

Stacie said...

I never heard this song before! I love how you explained the song! Have a great Tuesday!