Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Well at least I got the right day this time... right??!! Casey from Half As Good As You is guest hosting RTT this week since Keely from The Un Mom is on vacation.... and Casey says we're supposed to be naked for this.... do you really think she's telling us the truth???? Or do you think she just really wants to see if we'll do it??? Well since it's soooo hot down here in the south right now.... what's the harm right???

So far neither the bank nor Cricket want to refund my $34 INF fee for the double payment taken from my account last week that was Cricket's fault.... so I'm not a happy camper. Maybe if I had gone to the bank naked to make my request.... naaahhh... they would have just thrown clothes at me.

The last few weeks have been insane... not for any particular reason... I just can't seem to get the things done that I need to get done... but I already said that didn't I... did you know that some people clean their house completely naked????

Jodi... just out of curiosity I opened up IE and went to my blog... and sure enough not only was my EC missing.... so was my Followers list. It seemed to be fine on the other blogs I checked to see if theirs were working... so I wonder what's up with my blog and Internet Explorer. If anyone knows what the problem is please let me know. I use Firefox 99.9% of the time. Thanks for visiting me Jodi... even if ya can't drop.... my blog is naked too....

More blog stuff... I keep seeing people talk about page rank on their blogs... how do find your page rank??..... I haven't got a clue. And someone else was talking about what people are searching for that brings them to your blog... I don't know how to find that either.... it would be interesting to know though. And how do people get all of these products to review and giveaway?? That would be a lot of fun! Maybe if they think I'm naked they'll send me clothes to review... I prefer black...

Now here's a question for you.... If you .... go to your Mother's house... or your friend's house.... or your friend's Mother's house..... etc.... and you see a sign nicely taped to the top of her computer monitor that says
"Do Not Even Think About Using This Computer!"
Do you automatically assume that you are exempt from this and sit down and start surfing and typing anyway??? Just wondering... maybe if I change the sign to "Must Be Naked To Use This Computer... No Exceptions!" they will have second thoughts. But then again maybe not... and I really don't some people's naked butts in my chair... ya know!!

I was up until 4:30 am the last 3 nights watching the first season of True Blood... I had heard a lot about the show but since I don't get HBO I haven't been able to watch it. A friend let me borrow the first season the other night and it is awesome! So I watched all 12 episodes in 3 nights.... now I can't watch the second season which is on now :( .... what's a girl to do??? I don't want to wait a year to see what's going on... and needless to say... I'm need some sleep... oh... and there was a lot of nakedness on that show!!! No Kidding!!

A Lil Enchanted,
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PJ said...

whoo hoo! you go woman, i don't like clothes, i'd go naked all the time if i could.

cricket should be responsible for the inf. they are the ones that double charged you. that pisses me off!

i've been having problems seeing things on my blog too. maybe it is blogger.

i had a page rank button with a page rank of 3 and for some reason it gives me a ? now. i don't know what is up with that, so i just took it off. if you want to get one, just click on the button on someones page and then enter your url in and it will tell you. as for the part about what people type to get to your blog, i had that question also. i think it has to do with google analytics. you have to put some code in the html of your blog so it can be tracked.

if it is known that no one is allowed on that computer and they still get on it, total disrespect! i'd kick them off immediately.

that's all i got for you tonight...hehehe much love to you my friend!

Casey said...

Wow, naked blogging and banking, I'm impressed. I went to the bank for the first time in ages today (I usually don't actually go IN) but I think they would have been turned off by my nakedness. Plus, I had a one and two year old with me so that's probably frowned upon.

I'm "officially" representing Keely today...consider her represented. So I'm day late but I'm trying!

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