Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some Random Thoughts For Thursday

Well since I missed Random Tuesday Thoughts and the last couple of Friday Frustrations I thought I would just do some random Thursday thoughts for today.... mainly since I've been so busy and haven't had a chance to post a lot of personal happenings....

Mozilla Firefox

So let's go with yesterday... Adrian wanted me to update my Mozilla Firefox to the new version 3.5... so I did... can you say mistake??? If you're using Firefox (which I highly recommend) and the EC Toolbar (which I also highly recommend if you do EC)..... DO NOT upgrade because the EC Toolbar does not work with Mozilla Firefox 3.5. So I had to go back and reinstall the older version of Firefox.... can you say pain in the butt?! Ok... so I'm all fixed back now.... but this was in the middle of rushing around to get my EC drops in... which I did not make the 300... again... it's been a real struggle this past week to get them all in... so I apologize to all my usuals and those who dropped on my EC if I didn't drop on you this past week.

I think that Mercury thinks it is retrograde.... if you notice on my right sidebar I added the dates of this year's Mercury retrogrades so it will be easier to know in advance when this dreaded event occurs. Why do I think Mercury thinks it is retrograde?.... because several things have happened that usually happen when Mercury is retrograde (communication and transportation issues)..... Sarah even asked me if Mercury was retrograde... so it's not just me!
Yesterday's issue with Firefox was one... but also on Monday Adrian got his pay stub (his check is direct deposit to the bank).... he did not get paid for the week he was in Nashville... so they have to fix the mistake (hopefully today). This was his 4th paycheck from this new company and out of the 4 this is the 2nd time they messed up his paycheck..... grrrr.
Also on Monday.... I went online to pay our Cricket phone bill... I clicked submit and got an error notice... so I immediately checked my bank account to see if the payment went through... it did.... TWICE... I only had enough money in my account to pay one payment which meant that I would be charged an overdraft fee. I immediately caledl Cricket... they say I have to call my bank even though it was Cricket's mistake... not my bank's. So I call my bank and they say one payment should drop off over night. It didn't... so I call them back yesterday and they say I have to call Cricket to get the payment refunded and that they will not remove the overdraft fee even though it was not my fault. I don't know about you... but $34 is a lot to me and I sure could use it for something other than donating it to my bank! So Cricket agrees to credit my account for the overpayment and the overdraft fee... I really don't think they will credit the $34... but we'll see.... it will take a couple of days is what they say. So I'm still dealing with both messes.
My computer was making strange noises the other day.... it's old... about 5 or 6 years old now... so I'm worried about how much longer it's going to last. We replaced the power supply about a year ago.... so we thought the fan was going the other day... but it seems to be fine for now and the noise stopped. So cross your fingers and toes that it holds out at least another year... I can't afford a new one and if it craps out I'm just SOL. Not to mention all of my files that are on here that I will lose. I've got to figure out how to save my bookmarks and passwords and my saved e-mails to my storage drive so they can be transferred to another computer at some point.

And that's all of the thinking I can do for now.... I'm sure I had other thoughts that I wanted to put here... but they just flew out the window of my brain.... gotta get showered... today is library day again.... already.... and for the record... Mercury is not retrograde.... so what's up????

A Lil Enchanted,

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Stacie said...

Must definately be something in the air because I had a major nightmare with my bank account too. Sad that they charged you an overdraft fee when it wasn't your fault. I would have demanded to talk to the manager. I haven't checked my account today but I haven't gotten a phone call either so that must be a good sign. I hope.

StaceyC4 said...

I did the SAME THING with the Mozilla and boy was that a pain!! I had to uninstall and then it sort of locked up my computer and I had to go through internet explorer to re-load the old version. It took two hours before things were running fine again. Sheesh!!

Oh, and I am going to post the award you blessed me with tomorrow! Thanks again!!

A Lil Enchanted said...

You are sooo welcome Stace!!

They should let people know before they install it if there is a problem with add ons. Geesh!

A Lil Enchanted,

PJ said...

i guess i should've warned you about the firefox thing, mike told me, after he did it. but now it is working for him. he said there are a couple of updates for the new firefox and once you get those updates the toolbar works.

i hate hate hate mercury retrograde! i just try to shut up during that time, which is a difficult task. thanks for putting up the schedule on your sidebar.

that really sucks about the overdraft thing. i am sending what's right is right energies your way for that.

my puter is at least that old, and is still going strong. but what i did was charge a couple of crystals and i have one on my tower and one on the monitor. they have been on there ever since. i have had to cleanse them a couple of times but they are working for what they are supposed to do. just a thought. you have a great night my friend.

much love...

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

I don't know why but Firefox has been crashing on me lately. It's never done that before and now it's been doing it.

It's quite frustrating.

Anonymous said...

I need to get with the times and get the ec tool bar. I'm dropping the old fashion way and there is no way I could drop 300 in a day. 100 is usually my max and that takes an I guess if I downloaded firefox I would also be able to see your ec button to drop on.

A Lil Enchanted said...

Great idea PJ!!! I'll have to find a way to hide the crystals from Steffie though or she'll be playing with them. I'll have to find those updates and give that a try.... maybe Firefox will run a lil better with the new version. I would love to hybernate straight through Mercury retrograde... I dread it sooo bad. I hope you get your move done before it hits!!!

Jodi... it takes me pretty much all day to drop 300... even with the toolbar... and sometimes I still don't get my 300. But that's because I'm up and down constantly doing something for Steffie or someone else. Seems the first 100 goes pretty fast and I think I've got it licked... but that last 200 seems to take forever. I'm not sure why you can't see my EC... that's strange... it should be just above the black kitty.

Maria... Firefox is freezing on me quite a bit lately too... especially when I'm dropping EC's and I have a gazillion windows open. I just figured it was because my computer is old and slow like

Stacie I hope we get our banking issues straightened out... so far no signs of either credit on mine. And if Cricket doesn't refund my $34 I will definitely be down at the bank threatening to close both my accounts if they don't remove the charge. They are really nice at my bank though... so I don't think I'll have to get too ugly with them.

A Lil Enchanted,

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I don't use the toolbar, but man oh man since the last update, Firefox keeps disconnecting my internet every few minutes. Grrr!

That totally bites on the Cricket bill :(

Anonymous said...

Now I can't see the black kitty (which I normally see, I scratch it's head every

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