Saturday, August 1, 2009

Want Free Advertising For Your Blog???

At the end of June I decided to try Adgitize to see if I could earn some free ads for my blog... It only costs $14 a month if you pay to have your ads on there... and then you can earn your money back and usually a lil extra in addition just by clicking on their ads (kinda like dropping an Entrecard... and I do this while I drop my EC's) but me... being the bargain hunter and freebie lover that I am didn't want to scrape the bottom of my purse for the $14... I want to earn my ads by participating in the program. Turns out that paid advertisers are able to earn more points and thus accumulate earnings quicker than just non-paying members and are therefore able to earn back their $14 and usually a lil more in addition to that by the end of the month. So after a few days at the end of June and all of July I've accumulated almost $5. If I stick with it another couple of months I will have enough for my ad and from there I'll be able to earn enough each month to continue getting my ad for free!

So if you are like me and you want free advertising... and you have the patience to earn it... you might wanna give Adgitize a try. I've actually gotten more traffic to my blog even though I don't have a paid ad on there yet.... and I've found some great blogs that are not listed on EC as well (most of the blogs do both EC and Adgitize).

You earn money based on points.... and you earn points by doing exactly what you do everyday anyway like....

Posting To Your Blog
Any Visits To Your Blog (or Web Site)
Reading Other Blogs
Placing Their Ads On Your Site

So it's really easy... just click your Adgitize ads at the same time you drop your EC's.... and 'kill two birds with one stone'

Oh you can also earn by referring others to join Adgitize ;).... so click on over and help me out... and help yourself out as well... if you decide it's not for you... you can always just leave.

A Lil Enchanted,

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Tina said...

yes i like aditize too. i bought an ad once for $10 for 2 weeks. next time i will have to try the month one and see if i can make some better $ !!