Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bedtimes, Potty Training and Birthdays.... Oh My

Thanks to everyone for your get well wishes :) We are all on the mend and that's a good thing... got to much to get done to be sick. I finally managed to get my fall decorating done yesterday.... and I spent today working on Steffie's room... it's been such a mess. She hasn't slept in there in over a month and I got out of the routine of putting all of the toys away as part of our bedtime routine.... they just kinda all got dumped in the floor and left there to be picked up later... so it was quite the mess. But I'm happy to say it is once again picked up and organized..... and even happier to say that she is sleeping in her own bed once again. I was amazed that she quickly agreed to sleep in her room!

She also went 4 days in a row without peeing in her panties! That is until today :(.... she was upset that she didn't get her special sticker though... so maybe tomorrow she will get back on track with that. We got the Pampers Pull-ups potty training kit in the mail with stickers and a special chart so she has been really excited each night to put her special sticker on the chart for the day. She cried today because she didn't get her sticker. Hopefully that will be incentive to get her back on track with it tomorrow.

Adrian is off work tomorrow and hopefully he'll feel pretty good... he was the last one to get hit with the bug so he's still feeling a bit lousy. We have stuff to get done though... so I hope he feels better tomorrow. I still have absolutely no idea what to get Steffie for her birthday on the first and it's a week away! I can't believe I don't know what to get the child.... she has tons of toys so I want to get her one or two nice items that don't have a million lil pieces to scatter all over the floor and that she will like a lot and play with.... any suggestions???

I also still need to finish planning her party... I told you I'm behind! It's too late to send invitations so I'll just have to call people. But I'm pretty sure of the when and where we just need to get some info and finalize it.... oh and shop for the party goods and order the cake. I've never put off party planning this long... I can't believe I've done this :( .... her birthday is a week away and I haven't planned the party.... shopped for the party.... bought her gift... or even have any idea what to get her....OMG.... what's wrong with me???

And speaking of birthdays.... Sarah's 21st is Saturday!... I had planned to bake her a cake.... she was supposed to go out to a club with her friends.... but now they've all bailed on her.... some friends huh?!.... so now it's all up to ME to be her birthday entertainer. Don't get me wrong.... I would love to spend her birthday with her but I can't go to a bar because Steffie can't go to a bar and wherever I go she has to go.... I have no sitter! Sarah wants to buy her first legal drink to celebrate her birthday... it means a lot to so now we have to find someplace to go so she can drink... and so Steffie can go too. She was really excited when she thought of Chuck E. Cheese....LMAO.... she thought it was perfect.... she could drink beer... Steffie would love it.... and we could all eat pizza and play games. Can you imagine someone partying it up at Chuck E. Cheese for their 21st birthday and thinking it was awesome???? But alas... it's not to happen... our Chuck E. Cheese no longer serves beer.

So now we are back to square one.... where the heck can we go so she can drink... Steffie is allowed... and that will be fun???? We talked about Don Lolo's... they have karioke and Sarah loves that!...... But she hates their food.... and she says she always stinks when she leaves but I really can't think of any other place to go. Suggestions are welcome!!!

A Lil Enchanted,

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Chatty Crone said...

Bahama Breeze? Glad you feel better.

Anne said...

I love your kitty photo! How cute.
For restaurants, are you near any of those chain restaurants like TGIFridays, Chili's, Bennigan's, etc? Those are kid friendly and serve alcohol.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

LOL We'd do Chuck E Cheese, munchkin or not. It was our first official married date, LOL

Do you have a pizza place around that also has a game room? We have a couple here, that way Steffie can play a game or two, and Sarah can get a beer?