Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Frustrations

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My main frustration right now is Entrecard and Adgitize....grrrrr...

For the last several days EC has been working only sporadically... I've been really busy this week and have had lil time to spend visiting blogs and dropping EC's... between my computer running slow and the EC drop button not showing more than half the time it's been very difficult to get much done. Adgitize hasn't helped since they changed their list of "blogs not dropped on today" to the preferred blogs list (or whatever they are calling it)... because now it does list ones I've already clicked on so I can't even depend on that to go to unclicked ones. Also speaking of Adgitize... I've been trying for 3 months now to earn the $14 just get my ad on there.... and I'm still lacking about $5.... so I'm frustrated that it hasn't added up a lil faster.... at this rate I still won't have the complete amount even after another month :(

Another frustration.... I decided to try The Grocery Game... I've been thinking about it for awhile... this week was pay week and grocery shopping time... so Monday I signed up hoping to find great deals and make getting my list done easier and quicker. Well... it wasn't.... I spent over 6 hours on Monday getting familiar with using it (it'll be be quicker next time because I know how it works now).... and getting my coupons and list together. I was doing like it suggested and just marking my coupon flyers with the date they came in the paper... this is how they tell you where to find the coupons to get the great deals. Well it took forever to find them that way because I had to keep going back through each flyer every time I wanted to find a coupon and there were tons that I wanted to find. So most of Monday was spent getting my shopping plan ready. It also didn't help that my old printer (the only one that has ink in it) would not print my lists from the website... that would have made things much easier and faster as well. So I've decided that I need to clip all of these coupons (100's 0f them) and file them alphabetically so I can find them faster. This is a task that I've been needing to do for quite some time... and one that will take hours :( Then it took the majority of Tuesday and Wednesday to do the actual shopping because I went to 7 different stores... I got a late start on Tuesday so I had to carry it over to Wednesday... and I had to drag Steffers along which makes everything take longer.

I have to say that I did find quite a few bargains by using The Grocery Game... so we'll see how it goes next trip (in 2 weeks).... if you want to give it a try they offer a free 4 week Trial Membership... and please list me as the person who referred you I can earn free weeks of membership :)

I'm still frustrated with the condition of my home... though I've been making myself spend more time cleaning. I really need to spend some major time focusing on getting it into shape.... it's almost fall and that means fall decorating... and then Christmas decorating etc.... and I always get the cleaning bug in the fall.... most people Spring Clean.... I Fall Clean. Soooo I've been seriously considering taking a week off from blogging to focus on my home... I haven't decided yet if I can have the will power to do but I'll let you know if I decide to go through with it. I really do need to do this. Maybe now would be a great time since EC isn't working well anyways.... but geez I'll miss everyone :( .... I'll let you know in a few days what I decide to do.

Time seems to always be my biggest frustration... I need a few clones so I can get everything done.... can they speed up the process on that clone thing??? lol

A Lil Enchanted,

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bingkee said...

I think Adgitize works on a revenue -sharing , sort of as explained to me by Ken Brown. Meaning, the more publishers join, the lesser you get income , unless there's also an increase of advertisers to level off the percentage of joining publishers. If you're an advertiser, you get a higher percentage of points as points are generated by clicks done by the members themselves, as well as your traffic and other traffic who click your on your ads on your blog. It also takes at least 100 blogs to click on to ---to maximize earnings. Whereas if you're an advertiser, at least 50 blogs. So the best way to rake an income is advertising itself , and clicking at least 50 blogs a day. I joined Adgitize since its inception last November. Since then I earn an average of $15.00 a month until this May. I didn't do good on June, July and August since I am not clicking 50 advertisers anymore on a daily basis , plus the fact that there's an increasing number of publishers joining.
With Entrecard, I'm always frustrated with it. I try to get out of here but sometimes I think of the traffic it gets. Much more, I came to know online buddies like you through Entrecard.
Well then, you can take time off from blogging. I just get away in a place where there 's no computer. And I don't bring my laptop. I have done that several times,and at first, all I ever think about is how I wish I have brought my laptop. But then at the end of the day , I am thankful that I did not because I enjoyed the day without logging online.

Have a great weekend.

Wendy Hawksley said...

You aren't alone; I Fall Clean too. I do both Fall and Spring. Fall is the perfect time to weed out in preparation for Yule and Christmas.

But first things first: after the Fall Cleaning, decorating for Halloween/Samhain!!!

Becki said...

I tried to do the grocery game, but I just got too confused. I don't have enough of an attention span for all those details ;) Hope it works out for you!

Tes said...

I haven't tried this grocery game and am curious. I'll check it out! :)

Lin said...

EC has been acting weird lately. I thought it was just me!

PJ said...

sweet lady i can feel your frustrations, especially with entrecard the last few days. it has been very irritating to say the least.

i think that if you need to take a week off from blogging you should. we will all still be here when you get back. taking care of your home life comes first.

i don't know anything about the grocery game, but maybe i should check it out.

hope your night is great my friend, much love to you!

Grampy said...

Hi LaShan
Entrecard has been acting up. They just replaced the server yesterday so hopefully that will fix things.
As for adgitize the secret is a post a day and dropping on 100 ads. I do it while dropping on my EC cards. I am making about three dollars over my fourteen. Not a lot but great advertising.
Have a good weekend.

StaceyC4 said...

Hey! I feel your pain on all of it! I think EC is back on track today if that helps any. I don't do the Adgitize thing. As for the grocery game, I tried it for a few weeks but it just took too much darn time! I organized all of my coupons in an old photo album with the 4x6 slots so that I could actually SEE the coupons and that helped a lot but it took HOURS to do!

I hope today is a better day!

Melissa said...

I gave up on Adgitize a long, long time ago. It started out good, and I made payout fairly quick. But then they changed something, and I would only make like 2 cents a day, after clicking at least 100 blogs, waste of time, stopped doing it. Entrecard has been a pain this week, and for a few weeks now, some blogs I have to open twice for the widget to show up. I saved that grocery game website, it looks interesting.

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

I hope Entrecard gets faster with the new server they added yesterday. Fingers crossed.

I'm not a fan of Spring or Fall Cleaning. Good for you if you get it done.

If you figure out the clone thing, keep me in mind.

Vicki said...

EC has been frustrating! I feel ya! I wish I had a clone, too, but then I realize that if I did, the clone would probably be the one relaxing while I did all the work!