Monday, November 16, 2009

Music Monday - No Spoken Word by Stevie Nicks

This song is from The Rock A Little Album and has been a long time favorite of mine. Though it's never been released as a single.... I'm not one to just like the popular songs... I have many favorites that are treasures that only a fan who listens to the entire album might find... this song is one of those.... the lyrics are so intense... they just really hit a place in my heart that can bring tears flowing down my face...

This video is from the Live at Red Rocks DVD... not the best time in Stevie's career.... but she bounced back and survived her addictions and is a much stronger lady for it today.

And I would like to dedicate this song to Wendy.... my friend and fellow Stevie fan who is leaving my bloggy lil world... I will miss your blog... but I hope we stay in touch.... so "rock a little" my friend.... "you fill the room with wind and the rain and the water..."

Lyrics | Stevie Nicks lyrics - No Spoken Word lyrics

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Chatty Crone said...

Well, do you know we made the all time record for rain in one year - the last big year was in 1878!

More rain tomorrow and cooler temperatures.

Enjoy Stevie Nix . . .