Saturday, November 21, 2009

Not Bad For A Saturday...

Today was a much better day and I got a lot accomplished... the laundry is done for one. And I got all my coupons clipped and filed alphabetically... there was ton of them. I sat Steffie down with me to clip out pictures of things she wants for Christmas from sales flyers and she had a great time and stayed busy with it for quite awhile. I told her we would glue them in a lil book and mail them to Santa so he'll know what she wants.

I've been doing some great grocery shopping and saving tons of money by using my coupons and some great lists from Sherri at Luv A Bargain and Southern Savers but I have found that where I live we just don't get all of the awesome coupons that other people get. I was using the lists to look up my coupons according to the date of the weekly inserts and about 50% of the time I don't have the coupons that are supposed to be there.... and sometimes I would find them in a different insert from a different week. So now that they are all alphabetical I should have an easier time finding them. It was a huge task and took several hours but it is done!... until tomorrow when the Sunday paper arrives with but if I don't let them pile up and get them clipped and filed quickly it shouldn't take nearly as long.
Oh and you know what I filed them in??? A plastic baby wipe container! They fit great in there... it's just the right size to hold them with just enough extra space to keep my envelopes for each store that I shop at in the back. When I plan my shopping I print out a list for each store and put it in an envelope for that store along with the coupons I plan to use there. Of course I take my others along as well just in case an unexpected deal pops up. So I'm ready for payday and next week's grocery shopping... well... almost... I still need to get my lists together and put the coupons with them. But I'm off to a good start. I'll work on the lists tomorrow.

A Lil Enchanted,

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Maria @ Conversations with Moms said...

That's an awesome idea. I love it. I'm going to steal the baby wipe idea for myself. LOL.

Dorothy said...

What a great idea and your right they fit beautifully and I just happened to have a wipes container which is almost isn't that luck.

Joy to you..

Dorothy from grammology

Chatty Crone said...

Okay, well you go girl - you did a lot of work this weekend. Have to say your organized. I do coupons too - but not as quite as good as you do!

AND are clothes really ever done if your still wearing some (lol)?