Sunday, May 24, 2009

For Everything Magical, Mystical and Beautiful!

The Gypsy Peddlers Wagon for Everything Magical, Mystical and Beautiful!

Now running a New Moon Sale!

Here you will find a variety of items both Magical and Mundane, Just like in a Gypsy Peddlers Wagon.
Because it's not just about rituals and magic, its about bringing your Sacred Space to all area's of your life! They are having a great sale but you will find so much more than this. They have books, cd's, dvd's, home decor, jewelry, native remedies, natural pet products and much much more!

Aromatherapy Fragrance Oils

On Sale for $3.00
Save: 25% off

These are 1/2 ounce bottles of full strength 100% Pure oils. Great to wear on the body, use with incense, candles, body wash, lotion, shampoo, burn in your oil burner etc.. . These are NOT theraputic Essential Oils, but are high quality, not diluted fragrance oils. You won't find better!

Enchanted Minerals Makeup

Now 15% off of already low prices!

This makeup will not clog pores, has a naturally high SPF, helps to calm and soothe irritated skin with its zinc content, and is water resistant.

You rarely need to reapply mineral makeup and it provides excellent coverage. Many of these minerals have a special luster that when applied to skin give the face a lovely glow, lending a healthy, youthful appearance to blemished or aged skin.
This mineral foundation has the best coverage of any cosmetic on the market. Minerals are excellent for people with rosacea. Mineral makeup does not "settle" into your lines and wrinkles, instead it disperses light, giving a photogenic appearance. Even more importantly, the health and condition of your skin will actually improve with regular use of our mineral foundation. The minerals have excellent oil control and will soothe inflamed skin.

You'll also find a great selection of glitters for your body and face, blushes, concealers, eye liners, Alpha Hydroxy cleansers, moisturizers, and herbal hair care products... all included in the sale!

Fairy Door

Sale: $7.99
Save: 20% off

This Fairy Door is handcrafted and approximately 8" x 4". It makes a beautiful addition to any garden, deck or can be used indoors as well. Moss is attached at various spots making this a realistic looking piece. Coated with a poly coating allows for long lasting beauty and durability outdoors or indoors. Please allow for variations as this is a handcrafted piece

Fairy Dust Necklace Kit

Sale: $6.39
Save: 20% off

Fairy Necklace Kit. Comes complete with everything to make your own fairy dust necklace and sprinkle a little magic of your own. Includes: Fairy Dust Bottle, Fairy Dust, Magical Oils and Herbs and complete instructions. It is all nicely packaged with an attached gift giving card.

Loose Herbs
20% off

For your herbal needs Gypsy Peddler's Wagon has fine quality loose herbs at great prices. They have a huge selection and you can buy in bulk or in a smaller 2 oz size.

Angel Workings Kits
20% Off

Kits Contain: 6" candle, Anointing oil, Bell for calling in the Archangel, Crystal, Archangel Cards (cards are laminated) (there are 9 cards), Bag to hold the cards, Complete Instructions (also includes information on the Angel selected which is very interesting). Comes packaged nicely in a Handcrafted box with dried rose petals and herbs sprinkled around it all in the color of the particular angel requested. Select the Angel you want to work with. The kit can be used over and over again, you will just need to replace the candle. They are color coded to match the Archangel requested.

Hand-crafted Spirit Boards, Pendulum Boards and Book of Shadows!
20% off

Take a look at these enchanting hand-crafted Spirit Boards, Pendulum Boards, Wands and Book of Shadows! Store bought and factory made are fine... but if you want a unique and hand made item crafted from fine materials by a Pagan artist this is where you'll find it. If you are interested in having something made these items can be custom commissioned.

Book of Shadows are handcrafted out of solid quality Birch wood and will take 7 to 10 days to complete due to design and drying times. We gladly accept custom orders.

This pendulum board is hand cut and then the design is then burned into the wood. Any coloring that is used on the board is all natural, no paint is used. The only exception to this is if there is gold, silver or copper leafing. It is then given a protective coating so it will last for years and years. Board size is 12 x 12 Woodland Goddess board. Done with gold, silver or copper leafing accents.
Now only $11.99!

Pocket Spell Kits

Sale: $7.19
Save: 20% off

Pocket Spell Tubes. Easy to carry in your purse or luggage. Excellent for gift giving. Each tube comes complete with: Votive, Stone, Incense, Pouch and complete instructions. , Increase Money Flow, Protection and many more to choose from.


Blessed Be

~A Lil Enchanted~

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