Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday... Monday....

Remember that song? It rained and stormed all weekend.... so it was just a lazy kinda weekend... not getting much accomplished.... or doing anything fun either. We just kinda hung around the house for the most part. Now it's Monday and there is tons to get done.... mainly cleaning my kitchen floor which has been put off for way too long.

I got the dishes done between playing computer games with Steffie. She loves her games... and at 3 1/2 has recently learned to use the mouse... so now she can play most of the games without any help.... but of course most of the time she insists I sit with her and watch her play them. We started playing computer games with her when she was just barely 1.... at that time she loved Elmo and Sesame Street so we played those games with her. Of course she needed lots of help.... but she loved Key-Board-O-Rama and learned her letters by playing that game.... and of course from the many ABC books that I read to her.

Her next favorite.... when she was 2..... became Dora the Explorer and several other of the Nick Jr shows... like Go Diego Go and Ni Hao Kai-Lan.... of course she still needed lots of help.... but she loved these shows and the games.... and I'm amazed at how much she has learned from both. We also read tons of books and we play board games as well.

She currently loves the Strawberry Shortcake games over on along with one that we bought her. Her favorite shows right now are Strawberry Shortcake and Hi-5.... she loves anything musical.... and if you combine music with kids she's all about it. She loves to sing and has even learned a Strawberry Shortcake song called Strawberry Jammin in German by watching the videos on You Tube! Yes!.... she even surfs You Tube! With supervision of course.... to make sure nothing inappropriate pops up....

So now at this point she is really becoming too advanced for the Sesame Street games to hold her attention.... she still plays them.... but for the most part she has surpassed them and they are just too babyish for her. So I'm continually looking for fun and educational games that are on her level. I would say she is more on a Kindergarten level than a pre-school level at this point. She already knows her letters and numbers... is learning phonics... can count to 100 with a lil help.... has an amazing vocabulary.... and I've begun teaching her to read (we're taking this very slowly).... and we're working on her fine motor skills.... cutting, writing and drawing etc... of course this is all fun and play to her.... we do it through games and art activities and reading... she loves books!

And you know they say that children shouldn't watch alot of TV.... even educational children's shows.... well she has been watching these shows since before she turned one and I am convinced that they really taught her alot. She doesn't sit and watch tv for hours on end... but I do keep the tv on her lil shows all day and she watches for a few minutes when something catches her attention and then she wonders off to play for awhile.... then it's back to the tv for awhile... and so on. I don't think she would be nearly as advanced if it weren't for watching these shows. But I *am* pretty picky about what I let her watch.... nothing that is violent or scary... we try to stay away from shows with nasty villans etc.... and we're careful about we watch ourselves when she is awake.... we save most of our own tv watching for when she is asleep.

Well I *really* need to get to that kitchen floor

~A Lil Enchanted~

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