Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun and Educational Web Sites!

I found a few web sites that Moms and especially homeschoolers might be interested in... check them out and see if you and your kids might find them fun and useful.

Visit Kid Concotions to find a fun monthly science experiment. At this time you only get one each month but maybe in the future they will give access to past experiments... that is my hope for this site anyways. And it's free to join the club so go ahead and sign up!

Visit Childrens Storybooks Online offers books that your kids can read online. So if you're going on a trip and you have a laptop this is something your kids might enjoy doing to keep them entertained. Each story also has riddles and games. The kids can have fun while they learn!

A to Z Teacher Stuff is a huge source of free teaching materials. You can search based on grade level, subject and theme so you're bound to find something useful for whatever lesson your are working on. This is great for homeschoolers... but also for Moms who just want to find a fun project for your child... or who wants to give their child a lil extra tutoring on any subject.

Have Fun!

~A Lil Enchanted~

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