Saturday, May 30, 2009

Congratulations To My Son and Daughter-In Law!

I'm sooo proud of my son Justin and his wife Hannah!

They graduated High School last night. These two have worked soooo hard for this. Hannah got pregnant when they were sophomores and they got married that summer after lil Austie was born. So many teens give up and drop out... but not these two.... they stuck with it and have worked really hard.

They lived with Hannah's parents for quite awhile and finally were able to get their own apartment last year. Just a few months ago.... at age 19 mind you... and still in High School... they purchased their own home! How many 19 year old High School students do you know who have done that?! I am sooo proud of these two! I just can't say it enough.

They both have good jobs and plan to go to college. Justin's employer is paying for his education... and Hannah is planning to get her degree in nursing. She currently works for a pediatrician's office. Justin will begin taking Business classes in the fall.

There was a time when I never thought I would see this day. Justin failed his freshman year miserably because he just absolutely refused to get up and go to school. We even went to court because of his truancy. The judge ordered all electronics removed from his room and curfews and I can't even remember what all. He was not to miss a single nother day of school. If he was sick he was to go to school and be sent home by the school nurse to go to the doctor. He even tested this order by missing a day and was picked up that evening by the police and taken to YDC.... he was sick and refused to go to school. He was sent home the following day and toughed out the rest of the year even though he received very few credits due to his attendance.

The following year he really buckled down and got serious. His grades were great and his whole attitude towards school was much improved. He had made up his mind to graduate and go to college. Then he met Hannah and they started dating.... and soon she became pregnant. I was so worried for the two of them... but they are hard workers and very determined. And now they have achieved one of their goals. It hasn't been easy.... but they did it. They stuck with it and look what they've accomplished!

So other Moms out there if you have a child with attendance issues.... don't give up. It's tough to deal with teens and their stubborness.... but there is hope.

And if your teen has a baby.... encourage them to stick with it.... stay in school.... they can do it... it's not easy... but they can do it!

Lil Austie (Austin) just turned two last month and he is a cute and very smart lil fellow. They are such a sweet lil family.

Congratulations Justin and Hannah!!!

~A Lil Enchanted~


PJ said...

wow! that is awesome and you have every right to be proud of them. i'm even proud of them and don't even know them. amazing what determination can do for a person. you should also give yourself a pat on the back for doing a great job parenting!

MsRay said...

Congratulations to the new graduates and to the proud mom!

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Congrats to the graduates! Good for them for hanging in there when lots of teens would have given up!

(and boy does Austin look like he was enjoying that cake! LOL)

Michele said...

I just happened to stumble upon your blog from Entrecard and want to tell you that I am so impressed with your son and his wife! I wish them the best of luck and commend them for doing something that most wouldnt even dream of doing! May God bless them and see them through the best and worst of days! Please congratulate them for graduating. I wish them the best for the future! BTW...their child is ADORABLE!!! Good for them!

Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said...

Congratulations to them both! What inspirations they are!

Anonymous said...

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