Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So yes this is how my house looked yesterday after taking Mother's day off. It will take me days just to get my house back to the state of things I already needed to clean before I took a day off. And it certainly didn't help that our water pipe broke yesterday. I realized something was wrong when the washing machine stopped at the rinse cycle.... but I thought we didn't have water because maybe they were working on the lines down the road. After 2 hours I called my son who lives down the street and confirmed that their water was working fine. I walk out the back door to go ask across the street and there is water gushing under my house. Great! This has been gushing for 2 hours! Our water bill will be sky high next month! So I rush into the house... get the pliers and go down to the road to shut off the water. As soon as I do hubby gets home from his interview. So we finally get the pipe repaired around 7:30 p.m. after 2 trips... of course... to the hardware store. You know you can never make just one trip when you're doing an emergency repair! So now it's almost bedtime for Steffie and we've had no dinner. Good thing we had hot dogs handy.... they're a quick and easy fix. And though there is never a good day to have something like this happen... at least it happened on a day when hubby was off work and home to fix it.

Hubby went for a second interview today and we'll most likely hear something back tomorrow. They have really pursued him for this company... so it looks very positive. However... it also looks like we won't be making that move to New Orleans any time soon if he takes this position... but still possibly in the future.

My day will be spent cleaning... doing laundry that I didn't get done yesterday... spending time with Steffie... and working online.... clicking my lil fingers as fast as I can click.

I'm a lil disappointed that I've spent so much time on my blog and I only have 2 followers (one is my hubby)... so if you like my blog please become a follower.

~A Lil Enchanted~

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