Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Catching Up....

Well It's been a busy few days here in Boringville.... Adrian was off work on Friday so we got our grocery shopping done and our bills paid. We only go grocery shopping every 2 weeks because he gets paid every 2 weeks.... so I take out the bill money and the gas money and what we have left is what we buy groceries and other needs with for the next 2 weeks. This way we know when the spending has to stop. We have reverted back to a pretty much cash system... so when the money is gone... it's gone. This particular pay period we were a bit behind due to some unexpected expenses having to come out of bill money that I had put up.... so we had $100 to buy groceries and other necessities to get us through the next 2 weeks. It was a tight squeeze but we were able to pull it off and even took Steffie to Buddy Bear's Playhouse afterwards.

She loves it there... they have the inflatable play equipment and she loves to go there... and it's cheap! On weekends it's $4 for her to get in... parents are free!... and through the week it's only $2. So this is a great place for us to take her to have a good time. We did learn not to eat there though... that's where the money starts to add up.

Things will get better soon around here though... Adrian got that new job and a nice raise to go with it! So we're looking forward to a lil bit more comfort in our finances. He starts June 1st!

I managed to get all my laundry done and some of the housework caught up on Sunday and Monday and spent some time playing with Steffie and reading to her. She loves to read and will stack 3 or 4 books in the chair and then ask me to read them to her. Right now she's loving the Fancy Nancy books by Jane O'Conner.

Our local library only has a few of the books but I signed her up to win all eight at the Fancy Nancy web site! She would absolutely be tickled pink if she won all of those books! I didn't even know there was a web site until today... so I'll have to show it to her later. She will love to play the Fancy Nancy games. Like her Mom she loves to play computer games... and at 3 years old she's become quite accomplished with the mouse.

My son Jordan was accepted into Full Sail University in Orlando FL! It's one of the premier media arts schools in the world and is very difficult to get into... so I'm really proud of him. He has a lil girl and works hard to support her. He recently got his GED and now he wants to go to college. He's been rapping for several years and writing his own material so he sent them his MySpace link and they contacted him. He'll be learning the business side of the music industry and the recording side as well. So if you like rap check out his my space! He's only 19 and he's really good... even if I am his Mom. You can listen to his songs and see his pics there.

On a more sour note.... my older daughter lost her job. She was working at the local amusement park and was fired for "interfering with park policy" after trying to help a disgruntled customer.
So now she's looking for a new job. She really liked her job but apparently someone there really disliked her and was looking for just any excuse to get rid of her. This is not surprising... Sarah is a very unique individual and you either love her or hate her... she's loud and brash and she can be hilariously funny... and sometimes majorly annoying... she has an amazing voice... and a talent for thinking fast and improvising to come up with the most off the wall funny things(think Robin Williams). She reminds me of a combination of Janis Joplin and Gilda Radner. I have told her many times that she is wasting her talent.... she needs to pursue a career in music and acting.... she would be amazing on Saturday Night Live.... but they don't do auditions.... they send out talent scouts to find their new cast members. I hope to take her to audition for American Idol this year.... but I don't know if she will do well on there... not because of her singing ability... she certainly has that... but because she may be too loud and brash for it. I really don't think Sarah will be successful in any other field... she just can't conform to the everyday common working world. She has had so many disappointments in her life... I hope she will someday be able to show everyone that hurt her and rejected her that she can be successful.

So that is how my last few days have been.... some ups... some downs. A lot more cleaning to get done... I just can't seem to keep caught up... never mind getting ahead. There is just never enough time to get done what I need to do and what I want to do. Gotta go get busy!

~A Lil Enchanted~

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