Friday, June 26, 2009

My Friday Frustrations....

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1 - Hmmm... well I wanted to participate in this and vent my frustrations with the never ending pile of dishes that fills my sink. Myself (of course).... my husband.... and my 3 year old live here... along with my 20 year old daughter.... and just recently my 19 year old son just moved back in. Everyone eats.... but no one wants to lift a finger to do a dish! They just eat and then pile their dishes in the sink and leave them there. They assume I guess.... that since I'm a stay-at-home Mom that it's my duty to do their dishes. Now of course the 3 year old can't do hers yet.... but everyone else can! Why is it soooo hard to rinse the food off your dish that you just ate out of and put it into the dishwasher that is right beside the sink????

And... if someone else cooks anything.... that's even worse! Because then I have to wash the dishes and clean up the rest of the mess they made as well. I feel like all I do is wash dishes. Very little else gets done in the house because I spend hours in the kitchen washing dishes and cleaning up everyone else's mess. I constantly tell them to do their dishes.... they never do! I tell them "if you're gonna cook you have to clean up your mess".... they never do! I've even told them that if they leave their dishes in the sink they will find them in their beds later.... I guess they know I could not bring myself to carry out this threat... and not that my daughter would notice.... her room is a pit!

So before I go do yet another overflowing sink full of dishes left from last nights snacking and cooking I wanted to vent....

But then I found a new Friday Frustration....

2 - Trying to figure out how this Mr Linky thing works.... I figured out that I didn't have to add it here to do the Friday Frustation thingy but I would like to participate in some other ones like maybe Music Monday. So after at least an hour of trying to figure this out (time I could've.... should've been doing those damned dishes!) I still don't know how to do it. So if someone out there can or will take the time to give me Mr Linky For Dummies-type instructions it would be greatly appreciated.

Now I'm off to do the dishes before it's time for me to cook dinner and then do the dishes again!

~A Lil Enchanted~
( but not with dishes.... grrrrr)


Anonymous said...

Those darn dishes. I haven't written about the lack of cooperation I get from my family too when it comes to cleaning up. When my husband cooks, I sometimes dread it because he doesn't clean as he cooks which leaves a heck of a mess at the end.

Mr. Linky can be very frustrating. I think most of us are having problems with it. I installed it through a Wordpress widget but I think Blogger has one too. Not sure. You can check it out on the Mister Linky site. Good luck.

PJ said...

that is one of my worst pet peeves! especially if you have a dishwasher! the only dishwasher i have ever had is me! when my kids were younger, they were much better at doing things around the house. but when they hit about 12 or so they started being really defiant. it was like pulling teeth to get them to do anything. i even went so far as buying 4 plastic colored glasses and getting rid of all the rest of them just so there wouldn't be a gazillion glasses to wash every day. they each had their own glass. lol and when i moved into a smaller house, i only saved a set of 4 dishes and silverware. that made it easier for me.

A Lil Enchanted said...

PJ... we have so much in common! LOL I did a similar thing when my older kids were in their teens... I had plastic glasses and put their names on them and only allowed them 1 per day!

As for silverware... we currently have 4 forks in the kitchen... not by choice... because the others diappeared! I suspect that the others are in the pit that Sarah calls her room.

~A Lil Enchanted~

TracyJ said...

As it goes in all households it seems that if you don't have to force the kids to do the chores and hubby don't lend a hand, then you are stuck with it.

Lucky for me I don't mind doing the dishes but don't ask me to dry them as well. Thats why we have a "drip-dry" tray...LOL

A Lil Enchanted said...

Hi Tracy

Well since the heating element in my dishwasher is broken.... I have to leave it open over night so my dishes can drip dry. My dishwasher is really almost useless.... you have to make sure every speck of food is off the dishes before you put them in or it will still be there when they come out as well. It's basically good for wetting, soaping and rinsing.... cleaning and drying are not happening.

Hopefully some day I'll get a new dishwasher... and it will NOT be a GE!

StaceyC4 said...

I'm with you! There are four of us here and it is my 17 year old's job to do the dishes and yet everyday this comes as a surprise to him! He does them halfway (and puts them away dirty!) in hopes of being relieved of the chore! Not happening!

Love your blog - I left you an award on my site -
Have a great day!

femmepower said...

haha what can i say,we have the same frustration on dishes.nobody seems willing to help around the house.sometimes when i'm extremely tired,i ask my hubby to wash the dishes for me. but of course,most of the time he doesn't do as i i still end up doing everything from cooking to cleaning.sigh.
hope your grownup family members will be enlightened (at last) to help you one of these days.