Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Steffie's Raggs Rockin' Kids Audition

Have you heard of this new PBS show aimed at preschoolers? We don't get it in our area yet but hopefully we will soon.... I think Steffie will love it. She loves anything musical... so I'm watching for it to come to our PBS stations.

Awhile back someone posted on their blog about auditions to be on this show. I've been meaning to send in a video of Steffie for a couple of weeks but I've been so busy I forgot about it. Fortunately I suddenly remembered today... and got her video audition sent in with about 9 hours to spare before the cut-off time! You can find out more about the show and send in your own child's audition video here http://www.raggscontest.com/rrks-countdown.php

We made her audition video a couple of weeks ago... she is just sooo cute... I hope she gets on this show... I think she'll have fun with it. She is a lil chatterbox... and her curly hair is natural... we call her "Curley Temple" and "Curley Top" ... and yes she likes Shirley Temple "because she has curley hair like me" is what she says...

Here is the clip I sent in for audition : )... I hope they don't mind the Dora content.... I just thought it was soooo cute and totally natural Steffie doing her own thing.

~A Lil Enchanted~


PJ said...

good luck steffie. she is way adorable!

Dorothy said...

Wow she is so beautiful and I hope she's picked so I can say I know a star's mommy.

Best of luck,

Dorothy from grammology

A Lil Enchanted said...

Awww... thanks you two! I'm blessed with talented children : )

They're supposed to let us know around July 10th

~A Lil Enchanted~

MsRay said...

Steffie is a doll. I enjoyed watching her video.

Btw, thank you for visiting my two blogs. You're one of my top EC droppers.