Monday, June 15, 2009

A Treasure Hunt....

On Friday morning I got detoured from the grocery shopping trip I had planned... but it was a good detour... to my favorite thrift store. It's called Cottage Treasures and it's in a lil house just down the street and around the corner from our house. Their prices are awesome! Shirts and Pants are $1... Dresses and Jackets are $2... and Coats are $3... books and videos are .50 - $1... and they also have toys and household items and electronics really cheap as well. I LOVE THIS STORE! It's what a thrift store should be! And the proceeds go to a children's home.

They had told me the previous weekend that they were having a yard sale but I totally forgot. So I was driving by (just happened to need to go to the post office so I had to drive past it)... and I saw the boxes sitting outside. When they have a yard sale they put out boxes and you can fill a plastic grocery bag up for $1. I was there for 2 hours and filled 9 bags!

Steffie filled a bag with toys... and played with other kids who were there with their Moms. This kept her busy while I rummaged through the boxes. It was sooo hot and I didn't have any water with me since I had forgotten about the sale... so we were very unprepared. I over heat very easily... and by the time we left my face was as red as a Valentine heart and I thought I was going to pass out or throw up or both. But I managed to do neither... and made it home to cool off with ice packs.. cold water... and cool air. Not having eaten breakfast didn't help the situation either... so after we cooled off we had a girly lunch at Krystal.... they have .99 kids meals! If you don't know what Krystal is you can check it out here Krystal I love my Krystals! We did eventually make it to the grocery store but we found so many awesome bargains at the thrift store yard sale... OMG!

Steffie is currently wearing size 3T and 4T... and she really doesn't need any clothes for now... she has a closet full... so I was focused on buying for the next two years. I buy ahead when I find cute clothes really cheap and put them away for her to grow into. I've always done this with my kids... and let me tell you it's great when your kids outgrow their clothes and you're flat broke... and you go take a box out of the closet and TA DA!.... they have clothes that fit! I wash the clothes and pack them into boxes according to size and season (Diaper boxes are great for this!)and I write it on the box so all I have to do is pull the box and unpack it and we're all set.

Here is what I got for my $9 !

For Steffie

1 bag of assorted toys
3 pairs of 3T shorts
3 Pairs of 3T Pants
3 3T summer shirts
1 3T nightgown

20 Size 5 winter shirts
7 Size 5 summer shirts
5 pairs of jeans Size 5
3 pairs of other pants Size 5
6 pairs of shorts Size 5
5 pairs of PJ's Size 4/5
1 dresses size 5
2 sets of winter hats and gloves

10 Size 6 winter shirts
2 pairs of jeans Size 6
2 pairs of other pants Size 6
2 pairs of shorts Size 6
2 pairs of PJ's Size 6
2 dresses Size 6
2 leotards Size 6
1 swimsuit Size 6
4 winter shirts Size 7
2 pairs of jeans Size 7

Now keep in mind that some of these clothes were from Gap, Old Navy and the Children's Place and some looked brand new!

For Sarah

1 broomstick skirt
1 pair corduroys
1 halter top
2 belts
1 AWESOME pair of Boots!

For Adrian

1 pair of navy pants
1 thick fleece pullover

For Hannah (my daughter- in- law)

1 summer shirt
2 pairs of black pants
(one still had price tag of $35!)
1 AMAZING skirt! ( I wanted this sooo bad... it's a size 2! LOL... would probably fit on one leg!)

When I run across these bag sales I buy for everyone... if I see something someone would like and it's their size... I stuff it in a bag! So my family never knows what I'll bring them... lol

For Me

3 pairs of black pants
1 broomstick skirt
1 winter sweater
2 summer shirts
1 pair of sandals

Not too bad for $9 and 2 hours in the hot sun huh?! I get such a rush when I find bargains like these! I'm sure I left a few items out... there was so much and we started going through it and sorting it out immediately. I got it all washed yesterday and finished packing it up today.

~A Lil Enchanted~

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