Monday, June 22, 2009

Fleetwood Mac Rocks Nashville!!!!

We spent an amazing weekend in Nashville! I'm exhausted and happy happy happy!

We left Friday afternoon and drove up... checked into our hotel and got ready for an amazing night. Steffie and I got all dressed up in our "Stevie clothes" ..... devoted Stevie Nicks fans that we are... we just can't go see Stevie without dressing for it! Steffie looked so cute in her lil Stevie clothes. She was sooo excited to be going to see Stevie Nicks.... who she was named after.

The whole weekend went amazingly smoothe... we met up with our friends Cindy and Tim and drove to the show.... went right in and got our tickets from will call.... no problem getting Steffie in..... we were worried that we would have to dish out another $50+ bucks for a nosebleed ticket for
her.... but they let her right in.

We never even saw our seats which were supposed to be on the 7th row.... we walked down the stairs and right past the row our seats were on.... and staight up to the front of the stage where we stayed all night! Steffie loved it!.... I loved it!.... we had an amazing night!

Fleetwood Mac rocked Nashville! The show was just awesome! I danced.... and cried.... and sang... and laughed the whole night. Stevie sang my favorite songs.... Sara and Rhiannon.... my two all time favorite songs which my oldest daughter is named after.... lil Steffie is named after Stevie herself. Gypsy.... which always makes me cry.... it reminds me of my aunt who died when she was 12 and I was 11 (we were like sisters). Silver Springs.... a beautiful and heartwrenching song.... and even a favorite that they have never performed live before this tour.... Storms. During Rhiannon Stevie soooo went into her own lil world.... doing her spins and wailing.... just like back in the day.... like I haven't seen her do in years.... she was just soooo beautiful!

This night will go into my lil memory file of the best nights in my life.... right behind the last time I spent the night at Stevie's feet in Charlotte NC back in 2001. I never in my wildest dreams thought either of these nights would truely happen for me. And at this point I soooo needed this very special night... after our year from hell... and the several more preceding it that weren't so great either. Even 2 months ago I would not have dared to even think about seeing Stevie live again.... and especially not about being right up front close to her. It was just something I would not let myself think about because it would make me so depressed to know I was missing Stevie and Fleetwood Mac yet again.

I've been a Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac fan for 30 years.... since I was 15 years old. Their music has been there for me to get me through all the tough times... the heartbreak of the teenage years.... many years in an abusive marriage... my escape from that prison.... and I finally found my wonderful husband who is also a Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac fan. I've named my children after Stevie and my favorite songs.... celebrated with their music.... and cried my eyes out from a broken heart with their music.... they have been their with their music through it all...
In Stevie's words from Storms.... "never have a been a blue calm sea.... I have always... been a storm...."

Lil Stephanie Lynn.... rockin it out with Stephanie Lynn Nicks! We did everything.... short of actually putting her up on stage.... to get Stevie to see her. When Stevie says she can't see.... she really means it! LOL Hopefully she got the photo of Steffie that I sent backstage for her : )

Rock On Gold Dust Woman!.... until next time... "when I see you again".... your music will always be in my wild lil heart.....

~A Lil Enchanted~


PJ said...

well here is another thing we have in common. stevie nicks is my FAVORITE!!! i would so love to see her in concert. there is something very special about that woman and i have thought so since the first time i heard her voice. i am very happy for you that you were able to go and take your daughter with you.

A Lil Enchanted said...

Hi PJ.... yes she truely is a very special lady. If you ever get the chance you should go see her live... it's just an amazing experience.


Ace said...

A wonderful night...I was blessed to accompany my daughter Stephanie Lynn Coker to her first concert to see Stephanie Lynn Nicks...