Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lil Miss Mess....

That's what my lil one has become. At 3 1/2 she has decided to be the messiest eater in town. Today alone she smeared cheese into my couch cushion and poured her milk and juice onto it as well. How stinky and sticky is that going to be???!!! I washed it off the best I could with dish detergent and a touch of bleach.... but it's going to need a good cleaning. We were planning to rent a carpet cleaner this weekend anyway so I guess the furniture will get cleaned as well. Our bissell cleaner does an okay job but the carpet really needs a thorough cleaning that is beyond the capability of the Bissell cleaner.

Now Lil Miss Mess will again be strapped into the booster seat when she eats and drinks. We had begun to let her sit in a regular chair like a big girl because she can now comfortably eat from one. And when she has a snack we were letting her eat it on the couch while she watches her favorite shows. But after weeks of progressively bigger messes she will not be allowed to eat or drink anything but water without being in the kitchen in her baby booster seat. I explained this to her... and told her that when she can eat like a big girl and not make a mess.... she can sit in a big girl chair again. So what does she do???? She crumbles her boiled eggs all over the counter and her clothes.... then pours her drink on top of the mess. At least *this* time it was in the kitchen on the counter (breakfast bar).

How in the world did 2 year olds get labeled with the "Terrible Two's"??? Three's are much much worse! Two year olds are still sweet and want to make Mommy and Daddy happy and proud.... they want to be a big girl/boy and do what big kids and grown ups do. But not 3 year olds! They are stubborn and defiant.... do exactly what you tell them not to do... refuse to do what you tell them to do.... talk back.... and smart mouth.... push every button you ever had.... and then find buttons you never knew you had. Where oh where did my sweet lil helper go.... where oh where can she be....

I think 3's are like a prelude to the tween years.... maybe that's why I told my older kids at that age that they were acting like a 3 year old. I sooo dread dealing with that stage again! But I'm soooo looking forward to getting past the Terrible Terrible Terrible 3's!

~A Lil Enchanted~

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