Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do You Want A FREE Wii ???

I know I sure do! And I found a way to get one! Just a few weeks ago I read the story of how Julie over at Momspective and Wii Mommies lost 60 lbs by using her Wii Fit and I determined that I really need one of these. I need to lose weight... I hate to exercise... but I love to play games so Julie inspired me to get one of these and get off my backside and lose the weight I need to lose for my health and so that I can feel better and have more energy for Steffie... lets face it... she's turning 4 and I'm turning 45.... so I really need to get into shape! Trouble is this thing is *expensive*! I know I can't fit this into my budget any time soon.... I would have to save for a few years to buy one. But I found this website that will let me earn a Free Wii.... and you can earn one as well. All I have to do is refer 7 people and complete a couple of offers to get my Free Wii with controllers and 2 free games.... and you can help me out by doing the same! So please... if this is something you want for yourself (and/or your kids) and can't afford it either click on the link and sign up under me... then you can be on your way to earning your Free Wii as well!

I've even joined the Wii Mommies already because really want to do this... I'm tired of being fat and tired of being tired!

A Lil Enchanted,


Grampy said...

Only thing is if I win the WII I will have to lose that 35lbs my doctor wants me to.

A Lil Enchanted said...

I need to lose about twice that.... and women usually lose slower than men so I'll bet you could lose it really quickly with the Wii.... and it would be fun too. You and Maya would have a blast with this!

A Lil Enchanted,

Empty Streets said...


Dropping by to catch on my reading here :) Hope you have a great weekend ahead :) xoxo