Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Won A Galileoscope!!! Thank You Bob!!!

Oh Wow! I'm so excited that I won an awesome Galileoscope from Bob over at Black Holes and Astrostuff. Last month his daughter got married and he decided to celebrate the occasion by giving away 3 of these wonderful scopes. This was not a sponsored giveway... this was a very sweet, unique and generous way of celebrating a beautiful family event. I am so honored to be one of the recipients of this wonderful gift.

Our family will put this to great use for years to come. My son Jordan will be excited about this.... he used to love to go outside with his telescope and gaze into the night sky... and take photos of the moon. He used his Christmas money one year to buy a huge telescope that he used for this. I'm remembering the freezing cold winter nights when he dragged me outside with him to stand out there and freeze my fingers and toes off to look at stars and planets. And even though I about froze to death we had a great time... it was wonderful quality time and great memories for us to share. His telescope is broken now so he will be excited to have a scope again. He took some great pics through his old one so I'm sure he'll do the same with this one as well. Here are two of his pics... he took them by holding the camera up to the eye piece of the telescope... isn't that amazing that a kid did this??!! He was about 14 or 15 at the time.

It will also be put to great use as lil Steffie gets older... since we'll be homeschooling her I'm sure we'll spend many hours exploring the night sky as she begins her Astronomy and Astrology lessons... of course that's years down the road... in the mean time she can enjoy just looking for fun :)

Thank you so much Bob... for this wonderful gift! My family will put it to great use... your generosity is very much appreciated!!!

A LilEnchanted,


Bob Johnson said...

No problem, so happy you will be able to put it such great use, if you can email me your address I can get it shipped to you, again congrats.

PJ said...

i saw that when i was over there this morning! how cool! that is a great win. i love looking at the sky as i know you do too. i can only imagine how beautiful luna will look through that. you deserve the win my friend. xoxo

Melissa said...

Yay for you, what a generous man.

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

Congrats on the great gift. The best part will be all that quality time you'll get to spend with Jordan.

spinninglovelydays said...

What a neat prize! Congrats! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! What a great prize!