Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ok so what a day.... what a week it's been...

Steffie has been in rare form with Daddy gone... getting into things she normally doesn't bother... dumping a bucket full of teeny tiny gravel on my living room carpet.... doing everything I've told her not to do... and nothing I've told her to do. So today I decided we had both better get out of this house and go somewhere so she could bounce off the walls without me screaming at her and spanking her... so we loaded up and made our weekly library run and then headed straight for Buddy Bear's. It fit the bill perfectly! She got to bounce and climb and play with other kids for hours.... and I got to have an adult conversation! YIPPEEE!!! My cousin's wife happened to be there and we never really get to talk much because we usually only see each other at the family Christmas. We had a great chat and got to know each other better and found out that we have quite a bit in common.

On the down side... I got home and discovered that one of the new kitties had peed on my bed! Hopefully it was one time thing and maybe happened because maybe someone closed the door to the laundry room where the litter box is located. If this happens again they'll be spending alot of time outside.... if you can't use the litterbox... you can't stay inside.... house rules...

Adrian will be home tomorrow.... bearing gifts for Steffie. He went shopping and bought her 2 Tinkerbell shirts... Tinkerbell flipflops.... a Tinkerbell jewelry box... and a Tinkerbell skirt... all for $25 on sale. I taught him well ;) We'll all be glad to see him pulling up the drive. Steffie has missed him terribly.... she has counted the days... seriously... she knows the days of the week and has counted every day how many days until Daddy comes home.

Tomorrow lil Austie will be here bright and early to spend the day... so I probably won't get much blogging and dropping done... so forgive me if I don't visit your blog tomorrow.

~A Lil Enchanted~

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PJ said...

wow, tomorrow IS friday! told you this week would fly by. steffie will be so excited tomorrow, you should get a picture of her when daddy comes through the door. hehehe.

dddiva said...

Ian has been in that same mood this week- hopefully she'll be happier when daddy comes home.

Glad y'all had fun at Buddy Bear's. I've never heard of them before but sounds like a great time.

A Lil Enchanted said...

I took some pics but it's been an eventful couple of days and I needed a break so I'll update later.

I hope you're doing well :)

A Lil Enchanted,