Monday, July 20, 2009

One Insanely Weird Weekend...

This past weekend was just weird... flatout weird. I just had to take a blogging break and so many lil weird things happened now I just gotta tell...

My Friday started bright and early with babysitting my 2 year old grandson Austin... he's a lil cutie... but he's constantly into things he shouldn't be... so between him and Steffie I was running around like crazy trying to keep with the mischief the 2 were making. I was supposed to do this for 8+ hours... so I was suprised when Hannah called to say her Dad would be here in 5 minutes to pick up Austin... this was around 2:00.

I was able to pick up the toys they had scattered from one end of the house to the other before Adrian was due home... and get a good amount of my blogging and dropping done. He got home around 6:00 and brought a box of 30 White Castle burgers and Steffies goodies. So we ate and she got her loot. Adrian has 4 days off work so I'm thinking we're having a good weekend... now mind you I've been feeling pretty crappy lately... thinking about how my family could care less whether they see me more than a time or two a year... about how I have no friends close by to hang with... and most of our weekends have been spent at home doing nothing... so I'm hoping for some fun and some adult company.

Well Adrian decides to take Steffie down the road to the lil playground for a lil bit to spend some Daddy time with her and to give me a break because at this point I just really need some time without kids ( I love the kids but sometimes a person just needs a break from them).... but before they get there my sister calls him to say she is stopping by... she had tried to call my cell which I didn't hear and our stupid Magic Jack # which I hate and don't even activate anymore and so she called him... he turns around and comes back home. Now this is strange occurance #1 because we have lived here for 9 years and in those 9 years my sister has been to my house 2 times... we go see her a couple of times a year when we're invited to family events at her house but she just doen't come to our house... I don't know why... she just doesn't. So we were a bit weirded out by her sudden visit.

She visits awhile and then we all walk outside to say our goodbyes and chat a few more minutes when all of a sudden wierd event #2 happens... I hear a huge BANG like a gunshot... so I'm like WTF?.... Steffie was in the driveway playing just a couple of feet from us... between Adrian's car and my van (which he backed up the driveway so the two rear ends were facing).... I walk over there and there is a HUGE hole in my back window. It just exploded and started crumbling all to pieces. I was really freaked out by it... we watched it continue to crumble for about 30 minutes.... had we not been standing right there when it happened I would have sworn some vandal had broken or shot out my window. But after some online research I have found that it happens... car windows... especially the back windows in vans... especially Dodge Caravans can just explode for no apparent reason... who knew??!... I didn't... never heard of it before...

After we all calm down and get settled for bed... we're laying there watching tv... and weird event #3..... my very good friend Cyn calls... she's coming to town tomorrow and wants to hang out... totally great unexpected news. I love Cyn... wish she lived closer than 2 hours away... but at least now she does live that close... when we first met she lived about 8 hours away near DC.

So while we are sleeping all of those White Castle burgers disappear... Sarah has been gone for 3 weeks staying with friends but she came home on Thursday and since she's been home she hasn't been here for 1 minute alone... she's had 5-10 other people with her. This is how Sarah is... she has a huge amount of friends with her almost constantly... fortunately the bunch spent most of the time over at her Dad's house in his pool. But they did come here that night long enough to devour our burgers.... and anything else they could find.

So Saturday we had a great visit with Cyn... we all loaded up and went to the local Chinese Buffet to eat... I love it... the food is good... it's close... and it's cheap! So we all stuffed ourselves miserably. Cyn had to leave right after we ate so Steffie decided to call her Nana ( my Mom) and ask if she could come see her... she loves her Nana but doesn't get to see her very much and is always wanting to go visit her. She said they were about to go eat but they would call as soon as they got back home and we could come over. Mom calls back a couple of minutes later... this is strange event #4... they are going to the Chinese Buffet to eat... she has never been there before... it is 5 minutes from my house.....she wants to know if we want to meet them there... we decline since we just stuffed ourselves at the very same buffet. So after they eat.. they drop by to visit.... my Mom just doesn't drop by either... she comes to my house maybe twice a year if we invite her over for dinner or some special event. So to have 3 people just come over like that within 2 days was just odd.... very nice... but not normal. I really wish I had family and friends who just dropped by to hang out... or called me up to say 'let's hang out' .... I've just never had that kind of special best friend.... except for the few years when my other sister and I were close like that... I miss that time... a close best friend is something that I always wanted.

So anyway.. on Sunday we decided to take Steffie to have a picnic at Coolidge Park in Chattanooga.... they have a really awesome water fountian that the kids can play in and it's FREE! And since we're broke until payday.... and then we still have to fix my van window.... it fit the bill perfectly. She had a great time! Here are some pics...

Everything went great we had a fun time.. Steffie loved the fountain... she giggled and splashed and ran around... it was so much fun to watch her laughing and playing. Afterwards we went for a walk across the Walnut Street Bridge.... and old wooden and steel bridge which has been converted to a walking bridge. The Delta Queen Riverboat is now parked in this area.... we watched her come in a few months ago.... and she is now a floating hotel on the Tennessee River.... as we walked across the bridge someone on the boat started playing the calliope so here are a few pics of the boat with steam coming from the calliope pipes....

On the way home Adrian decided to go the backway and take the "scenic route"... this was the first time that Steffie and I have ridden in his car since he bought it a few weeks ago because it needs some front end work to really make it as safe as we would like it to be... but since my van still has glass still crumbling on the back window we decided to take his car. On the way home... we're driving through 'da hood'.... I kid you not!... and a car backs out of a parking lot right in front of us... we had time to slow down quite a bit but we T-boned that car! We're all fine.... and the car still runs... who could tell it has a few more bangs.... and the guys in the other car were fine as well and were very much against calling police or insurance... we were fine with it as well since no one was hurt and his car only has liability insurance anyways because it a POS. I highly suspect the guys in the other car were doing something illegal... but I really wanted to get outta there.... so this was weird occurance #5... getting into an accident the first time we rode in his car.

So now it's Monday... hopefully the weirdness is over, we'll get more visitors, and maybe I'll find that BFF I would love to have. But tomorrow my van goes into the shop at a whopping $200 to fix the rear window. This is not petty cash for us. This means that this is the 3rd paycheck from his new job and we will still not be able to enjoy having the increase in salary because yet again something unexpected took away all the extra money. Oh well... at least I'll have the money to get it fixed... if he hadn't got the raise I wouldn't have that.

So I hope everyone has a great week.... and somebody for God's Sakes please turn off that damned weirdo magnet that is causing all of these weird things to happen... at least the bad weird things!

A Lil Enchanted,

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Anna said...

All weird things but with good outcome. I don't have friends who visit me just to hang out. It's nice to have one.
Sorry to hear about the cars but it's a good thing every one is fine.